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Frequently Asked Questions

Tweet Deleter is a service that lets you delete multiple tweets at once instead of tediously searching your timeline and deleting them one at a time. This can be useful if you:
  • Want to remove posts that a potential new employer could see.
  • Want to clear an entire account to use it for another purpose or start fresh.
  • Use Twitter for posting test tweets and need to delete them afterward
You can search your timeline based on keywords, a date range, types of posts and if you posted pictures or videos.
This is a limitation in place from Twitter's API, unfortunately. They only allow interaction with the most recent 3200 tweets at a time. However, if you clear some out, you'll be able to work your way back further.
No, there's no way to restore tweets that have been deleted. We don't keep record of any tweet data, only a fun counter of how many tweets that have been deleted.
Yes, you can set up a schedule to have your tweets after a certain period of time (e.g. delete tweets once they are 30 days old).
Yes, you can mass delete your entire timeline at once.
They are deleted in real-time, even when you delete your whole timeline.
Premium comes with lots of extra benefits:
  • Unlimited searching and deleting
  • Auto delete scheduling
  • Full timeline delete

  • Learn more on the Features page.
Premium access is available on a Monthly or Annual plan. Learn more on the Features page.
You can cancel (or re-activate) your account any time from the My Account page. No hoops to jump through. No questions asked. Your membership will run until the end of your current period and you won't be charged again.
Payments are handled directly through Stripe's secure payment service.